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Speaking Engagements

Sustainability Consulting

For Businesses: $70 per session

Are you a Startup, Company, or Influencers looking to become more sustainable? Sign up for a session to learn how you can shift your values and practices to one that create a positive impact for our planet and people. ​

  • Sustainable Business Plans

  • Materials research

  • B-corp filing

  • Building and ethical model

  • Manufacturing recommendations

  • Identifying areas for improvement

  • Making sustainability the core of your business

  • Building your brand

  • Building social media

Personal Styling : $55 per month (2 sessions)

Do you want to shop and curate a SUSTAINABLE WARDROBE but don't know where to start? Sign up for 1 hour consultations to help you curate and style your closet.
In our consultation we will:

  • Clean out your wardrobe responsibly. I want you to make intentional decisions about WHY you need certain items. This process could take more than one session depending on the size of your wardrobe.

  • We will style pieces you already own. The most sustainable thing you can do is shop your own closet! There may be some hidden gems and combos you haven't tried yet.

  • Find creative ways to upcycle the pieces you already own! Even turn them into something new.

  • Make a collection for certain activities in your life ex: work, athletic, casual etc.

  • Help you curate thrifted finds.

  • Find sustainable brands that work for your personal style and budget. I have experience working with and knowing which sustainable brands are doing great work and can point you to those choices.

  • Figure out your lifestyle and clothing choices for special occasions 

  • Finally I can help you decide on certain clothing purchases.

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  • Desi fashion blogger

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  • bipoc environmentalist

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  • brown sustainable designer

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  • south asian sustainability blogger

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