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Vegan Matcha & Strawberry Ice Cream

Here is a quick and easy vegan matcha and strawberry ice cream recipe! This is my absolute favorite ice cream combination ever, I promise it’s the best thing you will eat. You can even make other flavors with the ice cream base in this recipe.

Makes 2 pints


1 can full fat coconut cream

1 can sweetened condensed coconut milk (you can even make this quickly by simmering 280 ml coconut milk with 1/4 cup sugar on a stove)

1 1/2 tbsp matcha powder

1 cup diced strawberries


Pour 1 can of coconut cream to a large mixing bowl and whip until creamy.

Add 1 can of sweetened condensed coconut milk and the matcha powder, roughly mix and until powder is submerged and then whip until incorporated.

Fold in diced strawberries and freeze overnight. You should have a set creamy ice cream within 6-8 hours!

Finish with sliced strawberries.


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