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How Consumers Help Create their own Clothing in Hyderabad, India

In countries in the Global South, supporting local crafts is accessible and deeply ingrained the culture.

Handicrafts celebrate and continue the stories of our lineage.


These experiences inspired us to create, up-cycle clothes and appreciate the time and effort craftsmanship takes.

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Elet by Niha is a sustainable fashion, art, and heritage blog by South Asian sustainability blogger and designer Niha Elety


Living half her life in India and the US, Niha realized there were diverse perspectives of sustainability that needed amplifying. Now, Niha uses fashion, art and heritage to bring awareness about sustainability and its importance.

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Meet @nihaelety: She was a Biomedical Engineering Degree in college, but has been making art since age 5. She studied art Hyderabad, India for 4 years and  uses it to explore her heritage.